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Before a death

Pre plan a funeral

Gift Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind by Preplanning Your Own Funeral Arrangements

It is possible to avoid mental stress and financial distress for your family and friends by pre planning your own funeral. Preplanning your funeral, London ensures that your funeral service is conducted as per your wishes and saves your loved ones from making difficult decisions regarding the funeral arrangements. It is possible to plan your funeral upto the last detail including pre paying for your funeral service to avoid any unwanted financial burden on your family at a time of emotional grief. By planning for your funeral in advance you are ensuring that your family is completely aligned to your wishes. A lot of confusion and complications can be avoided by detailing out your funeral arrangement in advance. You can choose to plan the funeral arrangements yourself or work with an experienced funeral director to ensure your funeral arrangement is well planned and within budget.
Pre-Planning Funeral Hiring a funeral director helps you make informed decisions regarding your London pre plan funeral arrangements as well as makes it easy for your family members to arrange your funeral post your death.

Pre planning your funeral involves making decisions on certain key aspects includingwhether you would like to have a religious service during your funeral

Some of the other areas to consider include:

  • Where you would like your funeral service to be conducted? You can choose to have your funeral service at your own home, in a church or at a funeral home.
  • Whether you would like to have a viewing before the funeral
  • Whether you would like to have a reception post the funeral service
  • Your choice of pall bearers
  • Your choice of person to officiate at the funeral service
  • Who should be delivering eulogies at the service?
  • Your choice of songs or hymns to be played at the funeral service
  • Hymns or readings to be included in the funeral service
  • Names of people / organizations to be invited to the funeral services

When it comes to preplan funeral London services, at Harrisons, a trusted name in Funeral Homes, ensures that your money is kept in a trust and you are provided regular statement of account regarding the same. You can choose to pre pay the entire funeral amount at one go or in monthly installments over an extended period of time. Whichever way you chose to do so, keeping a regular track of your money will ensure that the amount is available for use when required, saving your loved ones from undue financial strain.