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Upon a death

Giving Your Loved One a Befitting Send Off

One of the biggest and most difficult decisions to make when arranging the funeral of a loved one is to decide between a cremation and a burial. Unless the deceased has left specific instructions regarding a cremation or burial, the choice is left entirely to the next of kin.

Although burial has traditionally been the more favored option, cremation is increasingly gaining ground as more and more people choose to be cremated rather than buried. A cremation is generally less expensive and cumbersome to arrange than a burial which typically involves paying for a headstone and a grave.

Cremation Funeral in London

Cremation funeral London can be an expensive proposition with a lot of unplanned costs that can throw your entire budget out of gear if you plan to undertake the entire planning and organizing by yourself. At Harrisons Funeral Home, our Funeral Directors come with experience and expertise in cremation funeral service London and can help you keep costs within budget while also ensuring you do not have to deal with all the paperwork and administrative hassles involved in arranging the cremation funeral service.

A typical cremation funeral service London starts with bringing the coffin into the room where all the mourners have gathered to pay their last respects. Once the funeral ceremony is over and the mourners have departed, the coffin is carried to the committal room for identity check, post which it is cremated and the ashes of the deceased handed over to the Funeral Director or next of kin to be scattered as per the wishes of the deceased or as deemed appropriate. The Funeral Director is involved at every step of the process and ensures that every part of the cremation funeral service is organized perfectly to pay a tribute to the deceased.

Our goal is to ensure that family members are spared the stress involved in arranging a funeral and are able to grieve in private. Our committed staff plays the role of extended family members handholding along the process. Each part of the ceremony is discussed before hand and carried out as per the wishes of the family members with full disclosure of all expenses involved.

A meticulously organized cremation funeral service Londoncan be the best way to pay tribute to and bid goodbye to someone close. What better way to see off someone loved than to surround his remains with close friends and relatives who will continue to hold a place in their hearts for the departed soul.At Harrisons Funeral Home we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your loved one gets a befitting funeral.